Cost Management


  Implementation of a Cost Management process to complete robust challenge of all spend, challenging demand and requirements to ensure the most optimal deal is completed.

• Expenditure Request Process

• Demand Challenge

• Information / Justification Required

• Workflow with Sign-offs

• Upskilling & Educating Individuals

• Improving Cost Culture

Supply Chain Optimisation


Driving Supply Chain Optimisation (SCO) across an organisation in order to deliver savings on the  cost base. Reviewing spend and executing improved commercial terms with a proven and structured methodology.


• Removal of Indexation Clauses

• Rightsize volumes

• Renegotiate unit rates

• Review SLAs / Premium Services & Add-ons

• Reconstruct agreement including licensing

• Consolidation and simplification of contracts

• Risk appetite reviews on maintenance agreements

MI & Analytics


Demonstrating the analysis of the spend within a cost base with breakdowns by divisions, business units, geographical areas or suppliers. Facilitates both effective Cost Management and Supply Chain Optimisation.

• Providing transparency and visibility of a cost base on a drill-down basis

• Demonstrates major spend areas / countries 

• Alignment to spend budgeting and forecasting to highlight unexpected or non-compliant spend

• Highlighting addressable spend in order to evaluate areas of focus for optimisation

Zero-Based Budgeting


Build out your budget planning using a Zero-Based Budgeting (ZBB) approach in order to have your cost base mapped to a granular level.

•   Combining your Cost Management process with a Zero-Based Budget allows expenditure requests to be tracked against budget lines ensuring strong governance.

Contracts Calendar


Creation of a rolling contracts calendar to ensure renewal timelines as well as contractual clauses and obligations are clearly understood

• Enables negotiations to be prepared with levers articulated to stakeholders

• Complex negotiations to commence proactively 3, 6, 9 or even 12 months in advance

• 30 / 60 / 90 day reporting for internal stakeholders on forthcoming pipeline

Strategic Alignment


  Aligning an organisation's Commercial Strategy to its Technology Strategy is vital to long-term radically affecting the cost base.

• Cross-collaboration across teams including Architecture and Strategy

• Review strategic supplier’s opportunity / take-out areas

• Enable discussions / workshops for cost reduction opportunities

• Aggregate demand / align forecasts

• Multi-Vendor agreements and re-seller opportunities